Efficient datacenter are a absolute must today

Today datacenters belong to an important infrastructure of the Swiss digital economy. However, growing datacenter space also means increasing electricity usage. Therefore, efficient energy usage is key for a sustainable and green digital industry. 

That’s why we participated in the foundation of the Swiss Datacenter Efficiency alliance (SDEA) and we participate in the executive committee.

The SDEA Label creates transparency about energy efficiency and emissions in datacenters. With metrics and ratings that award the best in class in datacenter technologies, this label contributes to sustainability in datacenters and the foundation for digital services.

We highly recommend datacenters to go for the label.

The SDEA Label rates a DC’s efficiency and climate impact. It captures efficiency in an end-to-end manner, taking into account not only conventional criteria such as power usage efficiency, but also the IT infrastructure’s utilization and the DC’s overall energy recycling capabilities. This is a new and unique approach providing transparency and insight about your datacenter operation.

About SDEA

SDEA is an alliance of industrial and academic organizations that came together to create a unique and integrated approach to DC Efficiency and Emissions Certification. The alliance was initiated by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and includes EcoCloud at EPFL , Green IT Switzerland, the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU), the Swiss Data Center Association (SDCA), and the Swiss Telecommunications Association (asut). The initiative is supported by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy through the program SwissEnergy.

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