Focus Topics

Public affairs, Image & Politics


At our core, we are committed to fostering transparency and openness. We prioritize keeping our members and partners fully informed, serving as a reliable beacon of information within the industry.

Collaboration is central to our ethos. We actively seek to broaden our partnerships both within and beyond the sector, recognizing that collective efforts are essential for success. Through robust collaborations, we harness synergies, pool resources, and drive innovation, delivering tangible value to the entire industry.

Advocating for the data center sector is paramount. We actively engage with policymakers, advocating for policies that foster a conducive environment for industry growth. By amplifying our members’ voices and championing their interests, we strive to shape policies that propel the industry forward.

In essence, our unwavering focus on transparency, strategic positioning, and policy advocacy is pivotal in championing the interests of our members and propelling the data center industry into the future.

Head of working Group

Yves Zischek

The other Board members Heiko Siats, Roger Semprini and Roger Sueess complete the team of this working group.

Other Focus Topics

Energy Efficiency
& Sustainability

Digital communication
& Events


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