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Digital communication & Events


Streamlined Communication for Dynamic Engagement

At the heart of every thriving organization lies effective communication. Our mission is to foster active and digital engagement, ensuring that our members, partners, and stakeholders are both informed and involved.

Utilizing a diverse array of digital channels, such as regular email newsletters, an informative website, and a robust social media presence, we strive to maintain an accessible and engaging platform for communication.

We place great emphasis on interaction with our members, actively encouraging feedback, questions, and participation in discussions. Through regular surveys and virtual meetings, we cultivate a dynamic environment that fosters the exchange of ideas and best practices. Join us in shaping the conversation and driving meaningful change.

Empowering Industry Advancement through Dynamic Event Planning and Organization

Events serve as pivotal platforms for fostering knowledge exchange, networking, and catalyzing industry growth. As a dedicated association, our focus lies in meticulously curating and orchestrating industry-centric events that enrich the experiences of our members and the broader community.

We strive to provide an array of engagement opportunities, ranging from immersive conferences and practical workshops to interactive webinars, specialized training sessions, and vibrant networking gatherings.

Central to our mission is the seamless integration of active and digital communication channels, coupled with the strategic planning and flawless execution of events tailored to the evolving needs of the data center industry. Together, we aim to propel the success of our members and drive forward the advancement of our industry.


Sergio Miles

The other Board members Roger Sueess and Heiko Fiats complete the team of this working group.

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