A warm welcome to ewl as a new member!

We warmly welcome ewl with their Datacenter Stollen in Lucerne as a new member of the SDCA!

Where is it? The data centre Stollen is invisible and underground in the middle of Lucerne. True to the motto “So close and yet so safe”, ewl took the Datacenter project in hand some time ago. An old tunnel in the middle of the city was converted into a modern data centre according to the latest findings and equipped with the latest technologies. The special location directly on Lake Lucerne has allowed ewl to connect its data centre tunnel directly to its own lake water energy network. The cooling is done with the lake water and the waste heat can be used. This way the datacenter can act as a CO2 neutral company with a clear conscience.

We wish ewl every success with its data centre RZ-Stollen and a successful and long-lasting membership in the SDCA!

Sergio Milesi, President of the SDCA
“I am very pleased to welcome ewl as a member. Due to its local roots and great competence, RZ-Stollen in the Lucerne area will become an important hub for all data centre customers.”

Marco Reinhard, Managing Director ewl Rechenzentrum AG
“We are very much looking forward to a lively exchange within the SDCA. With the new Stollen Lucerne data centre, we have created something unique in the Swiss colocation data centre landscape. The key data regarding sustainability and security are forward-looking. With a combination of cooling with lake water, maximum use of waste heat and the underground location, we are ideally positioned for the future.

Quote: The “coolest” and greenest data centre far and wide.”

About ewl

ewl energie wasser luzern is the leading energy services company in the Lucerne region. Its offerings include electricity, gas, heat, water, telecommunications, data centres, energy services and electrical installations.

In recent years, ewl has invested heavily in renewable energy projects. In this way, ewl is responding to the social and technological trends of decarbonisation, decentralisation and digitalisation. In the area of colocation data centres, ewl offers rental tracks, private cages, private suites and network services. Managed IT and cloud services can be realised together with the subsidiary arcade solutions. 

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