Bancadati SA is a new member of SDCA

SDCA welcomes Bancadati SA as a new member!

Bancadati is the Tier III data center in Ticino that, thanks to the highest level of security, reliability and stability, allows companies to have a stable and reliable facility to protect data with customized Colocation and Server Housing solutions. The Tier 3 redundant design offers customers maximum availability, with an uptime of over 99.995%. We provide agile and personalized service, making us the right partner for all colocation and cloud storage needs.

The Data Center built in Ticino with Swiss Stability.
Having a state-of-the-art Data Center, lies at the heart of Digital Transformation. This is why Bancadati has combined Swiss tradition and innovation in order to position itself as a secure and reliable partner for every business and need. Bancadati works daily to improve solutions and ensure maximum flexibility for clients.

We look forward to a successful and longstanding membership in the SDCA.

Silvio Tarchini
Owner and Director Bancadati SA
“The SDCA philosophy emphasizes the importance of commitment to the Swiss and represents our vision and mission. Our goal is to be the hub of innovation, the reference point for businesses. Our goal is to make Switzerland a land of innovation. A world where Digital Transformation is the engine that moves businesses to improve. A world where one day technology will be the beating heart of business.”

Sergio Milesi
President of SDCA
“We are very pleased to welcome Bancadati SA as a new member. As the trusted and state-of-the-art data center in Ticino, Bancadati SA strengthens the digital transformation in Switzerland.”

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