TECKENTRUP is a new Platinum Partner of the SDCA

SDCA welcomes TECKENTRUP as a new member and Platinum Partner.

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TECKENTRUP is a European door manufacturer that has increasingly specialised in the data centre sector in recent years and has developed in-depth product expertise and a correspondingly comprehensive range of services and advice in this area, with which the German company provides reliable advice to planners and project managers worldwide and implements them together in construction projects.

The difference between the requirements of a data centre and other construction projects is best illustrated by considering the structure and associated requirements of a data centre. The potential hazards range from water ingress to cooling failure, unauthorised access and contamination from extinguishing foams or dust. Protection against fire is absolutely fundamental. Walls, floors and ceilings are relevant here. These must be designed in the respective fire resistance classes F30, F60 or F90, i.e. “fire-retardant”, “highly fire-retardant” or “fire-resistant”. This is less about fires that occur in the data centre itself. Here, sources of fire are usually quickly smothered by early fire detection (EFD) systems. However, sources of fire in neighbouring rooms or buildings are often problematic. Doors must therefore also fulfil special requirements in terms of tightness and fire protection. Doors must be designed to be at least fire-retardant or fire-resistant so that they can withstand a fire for 30, 60 or 90 minutes. Teckentrup has European approvals for these doors, and national approvals are also available for many countries, including Switzerland, of course.

We look forward to a successful and long-standing membership of the SDCA as an active partner.

Andreas Hauert
Managing Director Teckentrup Schweiz AG
“Whether pressure door or security door – Teckentrup offers the entire spectrum and also a fire resistance class of up to 90 minutes to ensure a safe and reliable solution for future or existing infrastructures in data centres. We are pleased to support this dynamic in the SDCA environment and thus not miss out on any developments.”

Sergio Milesi
President of SDCA
“We are very pleased to welcome TECKENTRUP as a new member and Platinum Partner. With its innovative products and solutions, TECKENTRUP ensures the highest security requirements.”


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