Energie 360° is a new member of SDCA

SDCA welcomes Energie 360° as a new member!

Energie 360° makes sustainable energy available throughout Switzerland. Around 400 employees work with customers, partners and municipalities to promote renewable energy and ecological mobility. Based in Zurich and Lausanne, the company plans, builds and operates energy solutions, invests in electric charging stations and is a leader in biogas, PV systems and wood pellets. In this way, Energie 360° makes a daily contribution to realising the net-zero target – here and now for future generations.

As a forward-thinking energy provider, we recognize the critical role of data centers in the modern digital landscape. These centers not only demand substantial energy resources but also present unparalleled opportunities for sustainable innovation. By aligning our efforts with the data center industry, we aim to optimize energy utilization, minimize environmental impact, and propel the transition towards a greener future. Our collaborative approach ensures that we remain at the forefront of renewable energy integration, driving meaningful change across diverse sectors and communities alike.

We look forward to a successful and longstanding membership in the SDCA.

Fabian Schulz
Project Manager, Transformation
“With a deep expertise in renewable energy solutions, I am confident in our capacity to offer significant contributions to the Swiss Data Center Alliance (SDCA). Our proficiency lies in the efficient harnessing of waste heat, transforming it into viable energy sources for both communities and properties. Guided by our unwavering commitment, we aspire to deliver 100% renewable energy by 2040. This ambitious goal will be realized with strategic partnerships, particularly within the burgeoning data center sector.”

Sergio Milesi
President of SDCA
“We are very pleased to welcome Energie 360° as a new member. Energie 360° helps companies to makes a daily contribution to realising the net-zero target.”


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