is a new member of SDCA

SDCA welcomes as a new member!, due to its long-standing experience in the sector and its prestigious partnerships with global leaders of the market, offers companies strategic consulting, design and management services in the IT field: its infrastructure guarantees customers maximum security with a view to protecting digital data; the application solutions we provide allow you to create and share data intelligently, even within complex organizational systems, and to analyze, interpret and use them to make the best business decisions.

We look forward to a successful and longstanding membership in the SDCA.

Nicola Moresi
“ is the unique partner for digital business, able to lead companies in a world where digital data is a primary value and essential to face the challenges of the market.”

Sergio Milesi
President of SDCA
We are very pleased to welcome as a new member. helps companies define the best solutions for managing their data, custom-building architectures that best meet specific needs.”

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