Our member IP-MAX SA celebrates his 16th anniversary

We are happy to announce that our member IP-Max SA is celebrating his 16th anniversary with a big event in Geneva on the 23rd of September 2021. Congratulation to IP-Max for this   milestone!

The event sponsored by DE-CIX, the largest Internet Exchange   worldwide, will include different presentations of IP-Max and its partners.   At this occasion SDCA will also have the opportunity to present its latest   insights.

After the official part IP-Max offers an extensive boat trip on the lake of Geneva with an apéro and gourmet lunch.

We look forward to it!

IP-MAX SA was founded in Geneva in 2005, and offers today network services across Europe and from Cape Town to Moscow. With 16 years of experience in its fields, IP-Max has become one of the leaders in the telecommunications sector in French-speaking   Switzerland and provides today the solutions in a wide range of network and   systems technologies. The quality of the IP-Max network is based on its many interconnections in Europe, but also thanks to its choices in terms of Tier-1. In 2021 IP-Max reached more than 2’200 BGP adjacencies in iPv4, which confirmed its 1st ranking in Switzerland. IP-Max has an open peering policy and peers already in 13 countries in 35 Internet Exchanges.

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