European Comission releases Fit for 55 Package

Big impact on the CNDCP (Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact) for European datacenters and so also for Switzerland.

On 14 July, the European Commission (EC) has released the Fit for 55 Package. Fit for 55 aims at updating energy and environmental-related EU policies, aligning them with the new target of greenhouse gas emissions reduction of 55% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels, in view of the objectives of the Green Deal and Climate Law.

The new revision raises the previous target of at least 32% production of energy from renewable sources by 2030 to the binding target of 38-40% by 2030. The revision also sets a comprehensive framework for the deployment of renewables across all sectors of the economy, in line with the Commission’s vision for the integrated energy system of the future. Specific targets are proposed for renewable energy use in transport, heating and cooling, buildings and industry.

EC wants Member States to put in place a coordination framework between district heating and cooling system operators and the potential sources of waste heat and cold in the industrial and tertiary sectors to facilitate the use of waste heat and cold. This concerns also all datacenters. 

If you are interested on the details of the Fit for 55 Package of the European Commission, see the link.

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