SDCA participates in EUDCA meetings

For the first time, SDCA participated in the meeting of EUDCA, the European association for data centers. EUDCA is the Europe-wide association that places its concerns in Bruxelles. A very topical issue at the European level is the climate impact of the data centers. Data centers are seen as big power guzzlers and are targeted by the national electricity authorities.

At the European level, 25 companies and 17 associations have now joined the Climate Neutral Data Center Pact in order to make data centers climate-neutral 2030.

In Switzerland, several studies have been commissioned by the Federal Office of Energy to examine the current situation and the forecasts of power consumption. Switzerland’s energy policy is a very important aspect here.

It is therefore very important to show that modern data centers can be operated very efficiently and are becoming more and more climate-neutral. The operators invest large sums in CO2-neutral energy sources. Appropriate certifications should motivate authorities and operators to pull together.

We stay tuned with EUDCA

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