Safe Host to expand in Switzerland

Our SDCA member Safe Host is expanding in Switzerland in different locations.

Our member Safe Host, one of the biggest data center provider in Switzerland is expanding its capacity. 

The biggest data center in Switzerland, the Data Center Safe Host 2 (SH 2) in Gland, between Geneva and Lausanne will be expanded by 18 MW of capacity. 

SH2 was build in 2017 and is specially build for hyperscalers. It currently offers a capacity of 40 MW on around 14,000 square meters. 

The construction of the fifth Safe Host data center was also announced in April. SH 5 will be operated in Beringen in the canton of Schaffhausen. According to Safe Host, the building permit was submitted and should soon be approved. According to the project plan, construction work should begin this year after the approval has been received.

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