Information event with the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (BFE)

“Use of power generators during power shortages, opportunities and benefits”.

Exclusive member webinar on August 22, 2023, 0900-1000 followed by a Q&A session.
Mr. André Gross from BFE will present this topic.

The federal government is preparing for the next winter. Therefore, it has approached us to show the possibilities of using the power generators of the data centers (DC). The critical period defined by the federal government is between mid-February and the end of April. For pooling partners, in case of use, the usual conditions (exhaust gas, noise protection) are suspended.

The ordinance from the Federal Council of 3.3.2023 for winter 22/23 is currently being revised by the BFU. However, it is assumed that the existing ordinance will also be adopted for winter 23/24.

All power generators with a capacity greater than 750kW have the option to be pooled. The federal government usually participates 100% for the integration costs and pays for all other operating costs, even with a small margin for the DC. In addition, the federal government participates in updating older generators that do not meet current standards.  Finally, the federal government pays a provision flat rate of 10’000 CHF/year and per MW.

The pooling is done by so-called pooling partners, who do this for Swissgrid. The federal government has selected 5 pooling partners: AXPO, BKW, CKW, PRIMEO and VGT. The DC can choose the pooling partner itself. The pooling partner is free to conclude the contract outside the critical period (but during this period the regulations must be complied with).

SDCA has exclusively invited its members to participate in the August 22 webinar and encourages its members to attend.

We look forward to an exciting event.

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