Our member Signalhorn becomes LEUK Teleport & Data Centre and celebrates its 50th anniversary

Our member Signalhorn, a leading teleport services provider with more than 50 years’ experience in delivering highly secure connectivity to large organisations, government institutions and the private sector, announced that following a strategic business review, the company is changing its name to LEUK Teleport & Data Centre ( LEUK ) to better reflect the future direction of the business.

Founded in 1972, the teleport facility in Leuk, Switzerland, has embarked on a number of infrastructure developments, including a unique project that will enable truly green operations using 100% solar and hydroelectric power for satellite and data centre customers by transforming existing infrastructure with large-scale solar installations, including equipping a number of communications antennas with solar panels.

With visibility from dozens of satellites ranging from 55W to 70E and robust terrestrial connectivity, LEUK is able to provide robust connectivity services to both the government and commercial sectors, including connectivity for a wide range of superyacht customers. The company has long-standing alliances with the world’s leading satellite operators, including SES, Intelsat and Eutelsat, and is currently developing its ground infrastructure to support the future of multi-orbit connectivity from GEO, MEO and LEO satellites.

LEUK’s highly secure facility exceeds physical and cyber security standards set by several European governments and financial institutions.  Services over Leuk are protected from 5G interference by Swiss telecoms regulators, with additional natural protection in all frequency bands due to the local topography. The facility is therefore ideal as a backup facility, disaster recovery and redundancy solution for government and enterprise customers. 

LEUK’s communications infrastructure also includes a highly secure, state-of-the-art data centre. Since 2020, the company has invested significantly in its capabilities and now has diverse fibre connections into the heart of the European internet backbone from a uniquely equipped and private facility. The data centre is located under the teleport and offers 5000 sqm of data storage with unrivalled connectivity to primary cloud providers such as Azure, AWS and others. 

LEUK will celebrate its 50th anniversary on Thursday 29 September 2022 in Leuk. Let’s meet there!


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